Buttercup Room – Aged 3 and 4 years

The Buttercup room is our pre-school room: children typically move here at about three years old.

Both the room, and the outdoor play area to which it has direct access, are laid out to mirror most of the areas of learning, promoting physical development, small world play, role play, expressive arts and exploration.  There is a mix of adult and child led activities and – although learning is play based and fun – there is a considerable amount of structure and a strong emphasis on developing the building blocks of literacy and numeracy.

A French teacher visits on Tuesdays to help children develop their love and knowledge of the language and there are also regular visits from parents and ‘people who help us’.

Children are encouraged with healthy eating, good manners, sharing with others and independence in preparation for school.  We have excellent links with our local feeder schools.