We are committed to Healthy Eating and follow the principles of Essex Healthylife.  All dishes offered in the nursery rank as ‘healthy eating choices’.

Children are offered food regularly throughout the day.  Morning sessions include a mid morning snack and a hot lunch.  Afternoon sessions include tea and a late afternoon snack.  All meals are prepared in our kitchen (‘five star’ environmental health rating) from fresh and healthy ingredients without unnecessary salt or sugar (wherever possible using fruit sugars as the basic sweetening agent).   The nursery does not use artificial additives to enhance flavour.

Lunches incorporate food from different cultures, with different flavours and textures – the menus have a basic weekly structure which includes two vegetarian dishes, two meat dishes and a fish dish.  A vegetarian option is available daily and fresh fruit or yoghurt is available as an alternative to dessert.

Children are offered milk and water to drink and can access fresh water throughout the day.  Older children are encouraged to manage their snack time themselves to develop confidence, independence and choice.

Meal times are a social event, enjoyed with other children and staff.  The nursery staff are encouraged to eat with the children and to help them develop healthy eating and social skills.   Each day, parents are given information about the food their child has had during the day.

We do not allow packed lunches, except in exceptional circumstances by arrangement with the nursery manager.  This is designed with safety in mind as many children have food allergies and the presence of food which we have not prepared increases risk.  For the same reason, we ask parents not to bring birthday cakes into the nursery,  whether home made or shop bought.  Instead, we offer each birthday child a nursery baked cake to share with the other children in their room.  This enables us to be sure of the ingredients and to include all children in the celebration.

Click on the link below to see our current menu cycle (Spring/Summer 2018)

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.   Ingredients/Allergen Analysis

Click here for an analysis of any potential allergens, in compliance with guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency.

Click here to access the website of Nutritionist Resource, which contains information dedicated to nutrition for infants and pre-school children.