Bluebell and Snowdrop Rooms – Up to about 2 years

The Bluebell and Snowdrop rooms cater for the youngest children at the nursery, starting at about three months old.   Transition to the Poppy (toddler) room is not based strictly on age but happens when children are confident walkers and when staff and parents feel that a move is due.

Depending on the exact ages of children, the Bluebell and Snowdrop rooms may be combined or used to segregate the youngest babies from those who are crawling or learning to walk.  The Snowdrop room is also where we hold baby massage classes.

These rooms provide a safe, calm and reassuring environment with plenty of soft toys and furniture and lots of bold visual stimuli to promote visual and cognitive development.  Staff have received specialist training in the care of babies.

The rooms are equipped with a milk kitchen, complete with dishwashing and handwashing facilities.  There is also a separate hygienic nappy changing area.